2009 Foals

Two colts and one more expected any day!

Eirian fan MeadowCove was born on July 26, 2009.

His dam is our Oksana Ster (Frans x Franke) and his sire is the gorgeous sport predicated Lolke 371.

Eirian has great conformation and lots of energy--and a motor trot like his mom...


Devon of MeadowCove, was foaled four days later in the early hours of July1, 2009. His dam is Wendyd (Ludse x Oege) and his sire isthe incomparable Nanning 374.


And we are awaiting the safe arrival of Alpentraum's ster's foal,

due July 30.

She is bred to one of our favorites, star of the movie Bedazzled,

Wander 352.