Our Dogs





Below, Charlie above and Puppy.


And Our Beloved Girls...





Torey, or MeadowCove's Victoria, has grown into a beautiful, happy, devoted girl--now 6 years old.  




  our English Setter/Springer mix, or Spretter, was our favorite Lacey pup and, when Lacey died in an accident when the pups were 6 weeks old, we knew she would stay at  MeadowCove.


(aka "Puppy")

Puppy was born on September 6, 2007, and came to us in November when we were still reeling from the loss of Holly.

Torey and her sister, Lizzie (left) are devoted friends and very alike in their joie de vivre!


Charlie came to live at MeadowCove in August of 2008. Since our beloved Buddy died three years ago, we have not had a male Springer and the time was right to change that when we saw his gorgeous face.


MerryD came to us from Superior Springers in upper Michigan in spring of 2012. 

This lower picture was taken the day before she gave birth to 9 puppies!!!


...the heart and soul of MeadowCove's Springers. 

December 24, 1993-

September 26, 2007

Rest In Peace,   

my beloved companion.



 Beauty was Holly's daughter, a loving, relaxed girl who loved to "Wooo."






Lacey was our dear "Busy" girl who never stopped running and looking for adventures. She grew to be the most loving, snuggly dog who loved to jump on a vacant lap for a good sleep. She loved babies, and had a wonderful litter of Springer/Setter pups and raised them with devotion until an accident took her life when the pups were 6 weeks old.