Our Mares


Our mares includes three FPS registered Friesians: 

Wendyd  (Ludse x Oege), Elle of MeadowCove (Wander x Daen), and Alpentraum Ster (Daen x Hotse), 































    Wendyd was our first Friesian, and she captured our heart from the minute she arrived! She is a curious, funny, full-of-herself girl with elegance and grace.

She has given us five foals: Poet of MeadowCove (Ludse x Goffert), born Aug 12, 2005; Willow of MeadowCove (Ludse x Goffert 369), born March 26, 2007; Annika of MeadowCove, born May 5, 2007; another beautiful Nanning colt, Devon of MeadowCove, born in the early morning of July 1, 2009; and a Teade colt, Mystic of MeadowCove, in 2012. 

Alpentraum Ster 

Alpentraum Ster cames from a strong dressage background, her sister is the famous Bold Contender, the first Friesian to ever make it to Grand Prix level dressage.  In 1996, Bold Contender was long listed for the Olympic team. Alpe has had one foal at MeadowCove, Zuzana of MeadowCove, born April 29, 2007 (Daen x Goffert 369). She was bred to Wander in 2008 and delivered our Elle of MeadowCove in 2009. Alpe also had a colt by Eric in 2011, and a handsome colt by Beart on June 24, 2013. 


 Elle of MeadowCove

    Elle was born at MeadowCove in 2009, daughter of our star mare, Alpentraum, and Wander. An early illness and seizures caused an acquired scoliosis, but after a through exam and surgery at Rood and Riddle she came home to be our beautiful pasture decoration. This spring Elle gave birth to her first foal, a colt by the world-famous Thor, who will be joining his daddy at Jokar's Hilltop Farm when he is weaned. Elle will be berd back to Thor for a brother or sister next year!


 MeadowCove's NiteStar

MeadowCove's Nite Star, our 15/16 Arab mare with Crabbet lines, was born at MeadowCove June 1, 1996, and passed away from colic in the late winter of 2013.he has had three fillies, two Arabs, Blue, who we lost as a yearling after a tragic leg injury; Gracie, who became a well-loved first horse for a young WV girl; and a Friesian cross filly,  MeadowCove's Velvet (aka "Pearlie") who now lives in Connecticut with her family. 


Pearlie and Tessa...